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4 Days Masai Mara, Nakuru  Safari.
Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara Safari.
6 Days Tsavo/Amboseli, Mara Safari.
Tsavo, Amboseli, Mara Safari.
15Days Amboseli, Aberdares, Mara, Safari.
The Great Wildebeest Migration at Masai Mara.
11 Days Aberdare, Samburu, Mara Safari.
Aberdares, Samburu, Mara Safari.
10 Days Amboseli, Mt kenya, Samburu.
Amboseli, Mt kenya, Samburu.

Kenya Educational Tour (15 Days)

Kenya Educational Tour  offer valuable learning experiences and lots of fun through various learning activities. In Kenya, education tourism or educational safaris refers to 'any tour programme in which participants travel to a location as a group with the primary purpose of engaging in a learning experience directly related to the location'. It is comprised of several sub-learning types including ecotourism, heritage tourism,cultural tourism, agro-tourism, and student / study exchange programmes between educational institutions. The main objective of this eco-safari is to expose students to the beauty of Africa - the adventure, the cultures, the diverse ecosystems and to give them an opportunity to be happy with only a few of the comforts of the normal western living.

The purpose of this trip is to take students back to the cradle of humanity - not just to civilizations past, but to where humanity began - East Africa, in part in Kenya. By being involved in this particular trip, students will not only view the people and lifestyles of one of the most vibrant countries in East Africa, they will have the chance to view one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

OBJECTIVES:Why go on this Tour

Educational Tours are part of learning and they make learning easy and fun and are able to understand and interprate what the students learn in schools and colleges.

1. The Educational Tour expose students to a part of planet Earth that they, or their parents, would probably never

think of going.

2. The Educational Tour take students out of their comfort zone (safely), and into the realm of where almost 50 per

cent (maybe more) of the world's population live - day-to-day survival.

3. To expose students to the beauty of Africa - the people, the ecosystem, and the ability to be happy with few of the

material comforts in life.

4. In The Educational Tour a Student experiences a cultural exchange with the Kenyans by visiting a mission

school where the students have been orphaned because of the AIDS epidemic in Kenya.

5. To experience a Farm stay so that students get to experience a life on a farm on a large estate in which the

enterprising farmers today use modern agricultural methods to work the land and who also supplement their living

with evening safari tours

6. At the end of the trip, to be able to empathize with those - anywhere in the world, including your home country-

who, through no direct fault of their own, are not able to enjoy the same comforts as people in the 'developed


7. Perhaps, somewhere down the line and when this trip's participants are decision makers with financial resources at

their disposal, they will contribute to help people in Africa, to save endangered species, and to give groups of

people less fortunate than themselves a chance to survive.

8. The objectives above are not necessarily curriculum related - they transcend formal education and deal with

education about the real world.

AASE 01:15 Days Kenya Educational Safari Tour

Tour Overview

  • Nairobi Full Day City Tour
  • Daphne Shedrick,Butterlfy Centre,Giraffe Centre and Karen Blixen
  • Visit a Local School or College and a Children,s home
  • Lake Magandi
  • Ostrich Farm in Kitingela
  • Mount Kenya –Mau Mau Caves and the Equator
  • Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary
  • Lake Baringo and Bogoria –Boatride
  • Lake Nakuru –Pink Flamingoes
  • Naivasha Horticulture and Flower Farms ,Hell’s Gate –Rock Climbing
  • Naivasha –Elsemere and Crater Lake Sanctuary
  • Masai Mara Game Reserve -7th World Wonder and home to the Big ‘5’

Day 01 - Nairobi - Boulevard Hotel

Arrival at Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta Airport.You will be met and greeted by our Airport representatives.Meet and Greet .Pick up and transfer to your city hotel. Balance of the day on a city orientation tour featuring a guided walking city tour, a visit to elephant orphanage where you have the opportunity to see the feeding and care of baby elephants which are either orphaned, abandoned or sick. After lunch drive to Butterfly Center where you will be taken to a guided tour to see butterfly rearing and different species of butterfly. A visit to Giraffe center where you have an opportunity to feed the giraffes from your own hands and later the Karen Blixen museum to learn about the achievements of Karen who lived for a short while in Kenya. Enroute to our hotel, we enjoy a walk at the Nairobi's Safari walk. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, included, Boulevard Hotel

Day 02: Day Visits - Nairobi and its Suburbs

Visit one local university / college. Sit in classes, meet and get to know some Kenyan college students. A visit to a little village outside Nairobi or Visit the Nyumbani children's home for the orphaned and the Sick. We return to our hotel this afternoon for a thorough tour briefing. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included, at Boulevard Hotel

Day 03: Day Visits - Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi is located in the southern Kenya. This 104 sq. km soda lake is completely surrounded by vast natural salt flats. These sweltering hot plains prevent animals from reaching the alkaline lake at its center. For this reason, thousands of flamingo descend on the lake each year to nest on elevated mud mounds at the lake's edge safe from any potential predators. Freshwater springs at the Lake's shore attract a host of other birds. A journey to Magadi is like to enter another world. The baking salt plains stretch into horizons of shimmering heat haze, while the shallow lake heaves with the pink waves of nesting flamingo. The other worldly atmosphere is compounded by the intense heat and the isolation. A guided tour to Magadi Soda company one of the largest producer of Soda Ash in Africa is also conducted. ( Picnic Lunch is served ). Drive back to Nairobi. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, included, Boulevard Hotel

Day 04: Day Visits - Ostrich Farm Kitengela.

A visit to Ostrich farm with a guided tour to the farm enables you to learn about Ostrich rearing from an egg to a fully grown Ostrich. Ostrich products are available for sale. A complimentary ostrich feather and sample of ostrich fillet are some of the most interesting things worth the visit but much fun to a booed swimming pool and ostrich racecourse. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, included, Boulevard Hotel

Day 05: On Safari - Naromoru - Mau Mau caves, Mt. Kenya, Kikuyu Culture

After breakfast we pass through coffee and pineapple plantations to the slopes of Mt. Kenya arriving at Lunchtime. Afternoon walk to exciting village tours, bird watching, forest studies, Kikuyu cultural folklore and close walk to Mau Mau historic caves, that help you visualize the struggle our freedom fighters went through. Dinner and overnight at the Mountain Rock Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 06: On Safari - Nanyuki - Sweet Waters - Chimpanzee Sanctuary

After breakfast, pass the Equator where a proof demonstration of zero degrees latitude is performed and head to Sweetwater's Wildlife Sanctuary a beautiful private game reserve and home to rare species such as besia oryx, reticulated giraffe and black rhino. This very special 23,000 acre wildlife sanctuary was originally established to protect and breed highly-endangered Chimpanzees and Black Rhinos. In 1994 the Jane Goodall Institute established the Sweetwater's Chimpanzee Sanctuary within the game reserve and moved a large group of chimps here from the unstable situation in their native West Africa. A game drive reveals the full range of African wildlife including lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant and hippo. Visit up close with the wildlife orphanage and observe chimps at this Sanctuary. Late afternoon depart for Nakuru via Thompson's falls the beautiful waterfall and head to Nakuru arriving late in evening. Overnight at a Nakuru Town Hotel with Private Facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 07: On Safari - Baringo / Bogoria Day Trip

Take a day trip to both Lakes Baringo and Bogoria. You will have a one-hour boat ride with the spectacular scenery of stunning bird life, hippos and crocodiles. There is considerable geothermal activity with hot springs and geysers around the shoreline of Lake Bogoria. Occasionally, huge numbers of flamingos come to feed here, adding to the already famous bird life in the area, also a very good chance of photographing the unusually tame greater kudu. After the day trip drive back to Nakuru. Overnight at a Nakuru Town Hotel with Private Facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 08: On Safari - Nakuru - Park Full Day Disposal.

After breakfast we have a day tour to this lake that offers one of the world's most spectacular wildlife sights, a brilliant pink flamingoes as far as the eye can see. When conditions are right, between one and two million lesser and greater flamingos feed around the shores of the shallow soda lake, together with tens of thousands of other birds. The best place to view the birds is from Baboon Cliff where you will have a picnic lunch. Looking out over the dazzling fringe of pink around the lake's shores. Here you will also see warthog, waterbuck and large numbers of impala. Other slightly shyer residents include buffalo, Rothschild giraffe, eland, lion, leopard and black rhino. It goes without saying that this is a bird watchers paradise. Overnight at a Nakuru Town Hotel with Private Facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 09: On Safari - Naivasha - Elsemere + Crater Lake Sanctuary

Morning visit to Elsmere, Former home of the late Joy Adamson and his husband who became world famous for their pioneering conservation and relationship with the lioness Elsa as seen in the film" BORN FREE". A visit reveals many of Joy's paintings, which still decorate the house. A guided tour and film are shown. After lunch drive to Crater Lake which offers an evocative step back in time - to a bygone era of elegance and romance, in a wilderness untouched by the modern world with a private game sanctuary at a homely environment. Crater Lake offers classic escapes including painting, astrology,as well as ornithological outings to what must be one of the most Beautiful small lakes in creation. Overnight at a Naivasha Lake Shore campsite with basic facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 10: On Safari - Hells Gate-Full Day Activities - Walks, Rock Climbing

This excursion offers a stunning variety of animals. The bird life too is prolific. The Trail starts at Fishers Tower, the entranceway to Ol Njorowa Gorge. The backdrop to this tower is the dramatic cliff of columnar basalt, which forms the walls of the Gorge. This one-day trail follows the floor of the gorge, the walls climbing steeply on both sides. This two-hour walk through the gorges is fascinating where you wash your hands under a small waterfall and sometimes you find the water too hot to handle. Its very soft, soapy feel to it and a rather unpleasant Sulphury smell. Much fun in the wild. This is the only park in Kenya you can walk or cycle. A tour to Olkaria Geothermal power station will be conducted. Overnight at a Naivasha Lake Shore campsite with basic facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included

Day 11: On Safari - Naivasha Farms - Horticulture and Flower Farms

A full day to the flower farms which are in the area with huge green houses stretch over many kilometres supply all of Europe with flowers and fresh vegetable, which are airlifted from Nairobi. A guided tour to the farms will be conducted. Overnight at a Naivasha Lake Shore campsite with basic facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included.

Day 12: On Safari - Naivasha - Masai Mara

After breakfast drive to Masai Mara where the largest concentration of animals is found. Masai Mara the vast, open grasslands of the Serengeti-Mara are home to over 3 million large mammals. An afternoon game drive in the Masai Mara you have a very good chance of seeing all the major Plains animals including lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino, hyena, cheetah, jackal, warthog and many species of antelopes. Overnight in Masai Mara Game Reserve Campsite with basic facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 13: Masai Mara Game Reserve

Full day game viewing in Masai Mara Game Reserve. The vast, open grasslands of the Serengeti-Mara are home to over 3 million large mammals. These include over 1.4 million wildebeest, which migrate in an enormous, straggling herd each year between the southern part of the Serengeti to the northern part and back again. With them move other herbivores such as gazelles and zebra, also looking for the best grass. Along the way they provide food for big predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs.

The first sight of Masai Mara Game Reserve is owesome. Here we learn and see first hand the intricate web of dependency that binds the different animal species together. Each of the animals has adapted to its own niche and to the other animals that surround it. Here we see Nature at its most subtle and, sometimes, most cruel as each animal struggles to survive and reproduce. On our morning and afternoon game drives in the Masai Mara we have a very good chance of seeing all the major plains animals including lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhino, hyena, cheetah, jackal, warthog and many species of antelope. Picnic lunch across tree studded grasslands and rolling hills. Overnight in Masai Mara Game Reserve Campsite with basic facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 14: Masai Mara Game Reserve

Early morning wildlife observations. Go on a guided walk into the Ngama Hills accompanied by armed rangers and Warden. After lunch at the camp, drive to a Manyatta. Spend the afternoon at the Manyatta where you learn about various Maasai cultural activities such as dances, weaponry, and also listen to stories on the family set-up, social stratification and taboos told by the locals. This afternoon we get a brief introduction to a Ranger's Course from a resident Game Warden. Overnight in Masai Mara Game Reserve Campsite with basic facilities (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included)

Day 15 - Back to Nairobi, Departure

After breakfast drive to Nairobi, Kenya's colourful capital city. Lunch at the famed Carnivore Restaurant where you have an excellent opportunity to sample African Dishes. Carnivore Barbecue Experience is also described as 'Meat Eaters Paradise' and is the Africa's Greatest Eating Experence! After lunch, transfer to your hotel or Jomo Kenyatta Airport for your onward arrangements. AfriChoice! airport representative will re-confirm your onward flight, and assist you at check-in. Those taking the 5 days coastal extension to Amboseli, Tsavo and Mombasa will be left behind. Details are available on request.

We are flexible on accommodation and we can change it to fit your budget,students can stay in good  hostels or Guest Houses and other budget hotels and camping.

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